In  accordance  with  the  provisions  of  the  Right  to  Information  Act, 2005  and  in compliance with   chapter II section 4(1) sub clause (b), the following information is placed:

Compliance under Section 4(1)(b) of Right to Information Act, 2005

Under The Right To Information Act' 2005 (Hereinafter 'Act')

1. Appointment of the Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO) / Public
Information Officer (PIO) / Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) :

1.1 The Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO)/Public Information Officer (PIO)
have been designated at various locations in HPF to receive the request for seeking information as far as applicable to their area of responsibility.

1.2 Any Indian citizen who is seeking information, or inspection of records, under provisions of this Act, can file an application in Form-A or Form-B, as the case may be to the concerned APIO/PIO. These forms are available with reception of Units / Offices, free of cost or the requester can take print of the same from the HPF website http// by himself or write the letter in the same format.

1.3 Requester shall not make a request for information or inspection of records which are exempted from disclosure under sections 8 and 9 of the Act.

1.4 Requester shall mention in application whether the information sought for concerns the life or liberty of a person .

1.5 The Reply shall be either collected by requester or shall be forwarded to requester either through post or courier, at the address given in the application form.

1.6 Request which are not addressed to APIO/PIO or not specifying the exact information required shall not be responded.

2. Recourse in case requester is not satisfied with response or lack of it from APIO/PIO

2.1 In case the requester fails to get a response from the APIO/PIO within stipulated time of the submission of application or is aggrieved by the response received within the prescribed period, he may prefer an appeal to the Appellate Authority within (HPF), for review. In case appeal is allowed, the information shall be supplied to the applicant by the Appellate Authority.

3. Time Schedule : APIO/PIO will send the response to requester within the period as specified under the act.

4. Applicable fee and payments:

4.1 Each application for seeking information/inspection of records shall be accompanied by an application fee of Rs. 10/- by way of Cash / DD/ Bankers Cheque.

4.2 Fee for providing information/inspection of record will be as follows:
(a) Rs. 2/- for each page (in A-4 or A-3 size), created or copied :
(b) Actual charge or cost price of a copy in larger size paper
(c) Actual cost or price for samples or models; and
(d) Inspection of records; No fee for first hour; A fee of Rs. 5/- for each subsequent hour or fraction thereof, thereafter;
(e) Rs. 50/- per diskette or floppy containing information;
(f) Information in printed form; price fixed for publication or Rs. 2/- per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication.

4.3 Request shall be accepted only when it is related to APIO/PIO under the Act and is accompanied by the requisite fee as specified above at 4.1 above.

4.4 Requester, upon getting notice from APIO/PIO, shall deposit the additional fee requested in connection with the processing of the request. The APIO/PIO shall not be responsible for delays occurred on account of the late receipt of additional payments from the requester.

4.5 Cash payments shall be made to the Manager, Accounts, HPF, at Corporate Office, as the case may be, against proper receipt, during normal working hours, personally by the requester or his representative.

4.6 In case the mode of payment is through Demand Draft or Banker's Cheque, the same shall be issued in favor of Hindustan Photo Films Mfg. Co. Ltd.

4.7 Application along with the money receipt towards cash payment or the Demand Draft or Banker's cheque shall be accepted by APIO/PIO.

4.8 Requester shall not enclose any currency note(s) along with the application, delivered through post / courier. It is against provisions of the Act and also the rules governing postal services.

4.9 Requester shall not deposit fee in excess of what is prescribed. Any extra money deposited with the public authority could be claimed by the requester latest within 30 days from date of furnishing of reply by APIO/PIO. In any case, such extra amount shall not be considered against any other request for information.

4.10 In case required, APIO/PIO shall inform the requester about additional fee to be deposited by him towards furnishing of information or inspection of records. Such additional fee shall be deposited by the requester, as applicable, promptly, prior to release of information/inspection of documents.

4.11 Requester who is below poverty line need not pay any fee. He will have to, however, show the ration card applicable to person below poverty line and submit a copy of same along with application. Such ration card must carry his name as recipient of benefits applicable to persons below poverty line.