1. Money in Transit Policy

Money in Transit between HPF premises (HO & premises) and the Bank estimated annual carrying limit Rs. 382 lakhs.  Limit of any one carrying from 0.5 lacs to 10 lacs at Branches and Rs. 30 lacs at Head Office, Indunagar, Safe locker / cash box at insured premises to the disbursement centre 0.04 lac.

2. Marine Inland Transit Policy

Inland transit of photographic finished goods from Head Office to 12 Branches situated all over India, inter Branch Transfer, Transfer of Raw Materials and other materials from Purchase centre to Head Office including Silver.

Estimated transactions during the year Rs. 70 crores.

3. Insurance on Store

Stock of photographic  finished goods stored / lying at Head Office, Indunagar, and branches situated all over India against fire and allied perils and raw materials lying at Head Office at Ooty. Sum insured Rs. 100 lacs

4. Motor Vehicle Insurance

Company Vehicles :
Light vehicles  :                      11 Nos.           Value  Rs. 10,84,741/-
Heavy vehicles :                    7 Nos.             Value  Rs. 12,10,840/-


** Interested insurance companies are requested to register by filling in the relevant columns of the registration formats and also furnish additional information deemed relevant for this purpose