Metallic tape / Double side Adhesive Tape /Pressure Sensitive Tape.
Reference No.           : Sub – Table No. 19 – 05. Procedure No.115 – 12 – 016 – 00
Specification :            




  • Cellulose film of good quality or unplasticized PVC / BOPP shall be the base.


The adhesive shall be transparent requiring no moisture, heat or other special preparation prior to application.



The core shall be of internal diameter 75.0 ± 0.5mm.  The cylindrical core shall be rigid enough not to collapse under usage and transportation conditions.




The tape shall be of the width of indented size  ± 1.0 mm. (Width of metallic tape – 3” & 4”,
width of double adhesive tape – 2”)
Length : as agreed between the supplier and purchase



Shall pass practical test



While unwinding, the tape shall not leave any trace of adhesive on the under-layer

Physical properties


The roll shall be free from telescoping, ridging, fluting, peaking, off-core, oozing and gapping.

While unwinding the tape shall be free from cupping, spiraling, legging and off setting.

The roll shall be free of side-cuts and edge-damage.

A roll of tape shall not have more than two joints; the minimum distance between joints should be 20 meters.



Each roll, each container and the master packing, shall have the following identifications :

Manufacturer’s Name / Trade mark

Packing :

Rolls shall be packed in units of 6 Nos. in suitable containers so that they are adequately protected from damage in transportation and from deterioration due to climatic conditions and shall not adhere to each other or to the container.