Pressure Sensitive Brown / Green / White /Transparent Tape
Reference No.           :  Sub – Table No. 19 – 07. Procedure No.115 – 12 – 016 – 00
Specification :



  • Unplasticized PVC / BOPP shall be the base.
  • The adhesive shall be requiring no moisture, heat or other special preparation prior to application.



The core shall be of internal diameter 75.0 ± 0.5 mm.  The cylindrical core should be rigid enough not to collapse under usage and transportation conditions.

The tape shall be of the width indented size ± 1 mm.
Length : as agreed between the supplier and purchase.



Shall pass practical test.



While unwinding, the tape shall not have any trace or adhesive on the under layer.

Physical properties


The roll shall be free from telescoping, ridging, fluting, peaking, off-core, oozing and gapping.

While unwinding the tape shall be free from cupping, spiraling, legging and offsetting.

The roll shall be free of side cuts and edge damage.
A roll of tape shall not have more than two joints, the minimum distance between joints should be 20 mts.



Each roll, each container and the master packing, shall have the following identifications.

Manufacture’s name / Trade mark.



Rolls shall be packed in units of 6 Nos. in suitable containers so that they are adequately protected from damage in transportation and from deterioration due to climatic conditions and shall not adhere to each other or to the container.