Any manufacturing industry has a Research & development as its backbone for successful implementation and improvements of its products.  HPF too has a strong Research team headed by Dr.Palaniswamy and is looking after introduction of new products, improving existing products and trouble shooting and eliminating different chemical problems which may occur in the industry.

To successfully complete these works HPF has various devices and instruments supporting the team in quickly completing their work.  The activities, facilities, contributions, services available and the equipments used in Research & Development  is as follows :

Activities :
  1. Research in Imaging Science and Technology
  2. Photographic Image Reproduction with Silver Halide as well as non-silver Digital systems
  3. New product development
  4. Product and process improvement
  5. cost reduction
  6. Import Substitution
  7. Technology Upgradation
  8. Processing Chemistry
  9. Image evaluation
  10. Polymer Research
  11. Fine Chemicals development
  12. Analytical and in-organic Chemistry

Facilities available :

  1. Analytical and Photographic equipments
  2. Pilot bar-Coater with floatation dryers for simultaneous three layer coating
  3. Organic Synthesis Unit
  4. Information Centre
  5. Potential Man power


  1. NMR Spectrometer (90 MHz#Z JEOL)
  2. HPLC
  3. Karl Fischer titrator
  4. Falling ball viscometer
  5. Surface interface tensiometer
  6. Ultrasonic cleaner
  7. Densitometer
  8. Conductivity meter
  9. UV-Visible spectrophotometer
  10. Automatic titrator
  11. Electrolytic grain size analyzer
  12. pH/mV meter
  13. Sensitometer - Kodak Type 7A
  14. Protec - Automatic Rapid access processor
  15. Colenta - Rotary processor
  16. IR Spectrometer
  17. Perkin-Elmer elemental analyser
  18. Flame photometer
  19. Polarography (Metrohm)
  20. Scanning Electronic Microscope
  21. Directing Exposing Contact printer
  22. Optical Microscop
  23. Abbe refractometer
  24. Centrifuge T-24
  25. Homogeniser
  26. Melting point apparatus
  27. Polarimeter
  28. Turbidity meter

Services available :

HPF's R&D not only is engaged in internal Research, but also is providing services in guidance and projects for college and University scholars, IR/UV spectrums for Chemical charecterization and other numerous parameter measurements using equipment listed.

Contribution of R&D in the development of HPF :

The Products developed in-house and commercialised by R&D :
Green Sensitive Medical X-ray film, Industrial X-ray film, Medical Imaging Film (Ortho), Medical Imaging film(Panchromatic), Graphic Arts Red Laser Scanner film, Digital Imaging Film, Inkjet printing Paper, Laser printing film, Improved powder Chemistry and liquid chemistry, Powder Chemistry for X-ray films, RC-Bromide paper, Mass Miniature Radiographic film(MMR), Speciality Chemicals, Dental X-ray film.